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For quite a while I’ve been looking for just the right poster to frame and hang in my office, but I’d yet to find anything that really caught my eye. Instead of continuing to search for something I probably wouldn’t be completely happy with, I decided to make my own poster. Here it is:


In a couple of weeks my 24″x36″ poster will be delivered from http://shortrunposters.com for the affordable price of $26.86. That’s the cheapest I’ve found for printing up a single poster, and if you’d like to have a copy of your own printed up you can feel free to use this PDF (my gift to you – 24.6mb), which has been prepared for those dimensions. Enjoy!

Original Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems

Note: I am not affiliated with ShortRunPosters.com in any way. They are just the cheapest that I’ve found, and they do a good job. If you find a cheaper place to have the poster done up, please leave a comment. Thanks!


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My hats off to Seth over at TheThinkingAtheist for yet again putting together an excellent video.  This one is an edit of several popular atheists on youtube giving their thoughts on the concept of an afterlife.  It’s a little longer than some of his other videos, but it is beautifully done.  Enjoy…


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