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The ruling dictator of a county cooks people in an oven for a relatively short amount of time and people call him a monster. The purported ruling dictator of the Universe cooks people in an oven forever – and people call for his praise and adoration, demanding that he be worshiped. It’s interesting how ramping torture up to a cosmic level suddenly makes it virtuous.


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…the possibility that everything you treat as truth, is complete and utter bunk?  Or maybe that your point of view is the one that is flawed?  I don’t think you have, though of course I could be wrong.

I originally posted the Horrific Tale in response to Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins.  The response was to say that Rob Bell wasn’t questioning far enough.  Why stop at hell?  I think the line of questioning should go far deeper.  Having read Love Wins however, I don’t think Bell does a very good job of arguing for a change in perspective on the concept of hell, at least not as far as the Bible is concerned.  I’m not going to go into a detailed review of the book, but I think his approach can be summed up as such: Focus on the scriptures that seem to point in the direction of your premise, and ignore every single scripture that contradicts it. 

Having watched the video above, I hereby offer an invitation to Mr. Francis Chan.  I will be more than happy to read your book and respond to it, if you take the time to read this one post, and give a thoughtful response to it.  I’d say we could have an interesting if not fruitful dialogue… are you up for it?

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