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My hats off to Seth over at TheThinkingAtheist for yet again putting together an excellent video.  This one is an edit of several popular atheists on youtube giving their thoughts on the concept of an afterlife.  It’s a little longer than some of his other videos, but it is beautifully done.  Enjoy…



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I ran across an interesting article on Near-Death Experiences in Scientific American yesterday.  I didn’t really find a ton of the info to be anything new from what I had previously read, with the exception being some of the information that was provided concerning the specific regions of the brain that could produce some of these experiences.  I was a little surprised that they didn’t mention the near-death experiences of pilots put to the test in centrifuges that drain the blood from their brains as they are subjected to extreme g-force.  I would have to think it was because that news is old-hat, so they wanted to focus on the newer info.

The stories are usually pretty similar for near-death experiences of individuals who are dead for a minute or two.  They see the light, walk through the tunnel, see their loved ones, and sometimes have experiences that are in line with whatever their religious upbringing is.  They might see Jesus, Mohammad, Vishnu, or some other deity or spirit guide during the experience.  There is still activity going on in the brain as it panics because of the lack of oxygen, and it’s freaking out because it is about to die.  The people who make it past that point who are dead for the longest share a similar experience as well, many times in these words: “I ceased to exist.”  “There was nothing.”

As we get better medically at brining people back to life who have been dead longer and longer, I think we’re going to see an increase in the number of accounts where “there was nothing,” and people will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and visions of grandma and grandpa for what they really are.

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