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DarkMatter2525 has outdone himself yet again with this absolutely hilarious video. Are you prepared to meet your maker?


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Here is another hilarious video from DarkMatter2525 that points out some problems with the Genesis account from the Bible in a humorous, yet informative way. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You may even wet your pants. Enjoy…

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Comedian Andrew Maxwell takes five British creationists to the west coast of America to try to convince them that evolution rather than creationism explains how we all got here. Stuck on a bus across 2,000 miles of dustbowl roads with these passionate believers, Maxwell tackles some firmly held beliefs – could the Earth be only 6,000 years old, and did humans and T-Rex really live side by side? It’s a bumpy ride as he’s confronted with some lively debates along the way, but by the end could he possibly win over any of these believers with what he regards as hard scientific fact? [BBC]

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Bonobos have to be the coolest primates on the whole planet next to humans.  We share about 99% of our DNA with them, and if you take a couple of minutes to watch this video, you can see them walk upright like humans as they carry sugar cane and their young.   It’s amazing footage….

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I’m going to steal away a few minutes from my ever busy schedule to write about the Project Reason 2012 Video Contest, that I recently participated in, and ultimately ended up taking home 2nd place, and the $4000 prize.  I’ll start off by saying that this was one of the best organized video contests I’ve ever been a part of.  I submitted my video, and was notified it was a finalist the day before the voting period started.  Once voting was over, I was notified that I had won 2nd place the day the voting ended.  If that wasn’t speedy enough – I had a check in hand 1 week later.  Video contests rarely run that smooth, or are that well organized.  My hat is off to Sam and Annika Harris for doing an outstanding job with the logistics.  Now, onto the entries…

1st Place – $10,000

I absolutely loved the 1st place winner.  The animation, the scripting, the narration (everything sounds better with a British accent), the music, and most of all – the message.  It was great.  While it was great, however, it was not my first choice, and the only reason is because it was preaching right to me “in the choir.”  I just don’t think the video would challenge the thought process of the theistically-minded enough to have an impact.  I could be wrong, but that’s just my impression.  Just the same, I’m very happy for the 1st place winner, and if I was going to take 2nd place to another video, I wanted it to be that one.  The producers did an outstanding job.

2nd Place – $4000

I won’t add anything new on my video seeing as I’ve already given the background on it here.

3rd Place – $1000

This was probably my least favorite of the 6 finalists.  Had it been shortened into a 30-second video, I probably would have liked it a little better, but I’m just not one for long, text-driven (small text at that) videos.  Obviously there were others who liked it, and overall the message is a good one.  Dogmatism really IS NOT patriotic.  I just would have like to have seen that message driven home in a slightly different format.

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I’ve been insanely busy the last couple of weeks, but I wanted to take a moment  to let all two of you who read my blog know that my video Genesis Creation Visualized – Scientifically has been selected as a finalist in the Project Reason 2012 video contest.   My video is up against 5 other finalists for one of three prizes ($10,000, $4000, $1000), and you can visit the site and register to cast your single vote for your favorite video through 7/23/2012.  Once voting is over, I’ll post about what I like and dislike about the other videos, but I don’t want to taint anyone’s opinion before the contest is over.

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In case you didn’t know, the answer is “no.”  Bart Ehrman explains why…

You can see the full debate here.

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